First Position is a 6-week Virtual Trombone Seminar designed to improve your playing through weekly masterclasses, private lessons, and a sprinkling of neuroscience. Hosted by Christopher Bassett, First Position incorporates basic neuroscience and exercises to guide your practice forward in an efficient and effective manner toward your goals with a focus on honing your fundamentals through specific exercises and etudes.

Boost Your Fundamentals: Efficiency, Range, Articulation, Sound Concept

Special Topics: Mental Health, Peak Performance, Practice Efficiency

3 Private Lessons with Christopher Bassett

Christopher Bassett
What Can I Expect from this Course?

We all started trombone by playing either an F or a Bb in first position. From that single note, everything else became possible. First Position focusses on a fundamentals first approach that is designed to level up all areas of your playing. By continually refining and improving our fundamentals we strengthen our roots and become stronger players.

Is this for me?

Yes! First Position is designed for everyone who plays trombone. Whether you're just starting out learning your scales or are a seasoned pro looking to improve your skills, this seminar will take your mental AND physical fundamentals to the next level making the rest of your playing easier. Auditors will be able to attend and participate in all masterclasses while Participants will have the additional opportunity to work 1-on-1 with Christopher Bassett in a total of 3 bi-weekly private lessons. Additionally, all Participants and Auditors will receive an exclusive First Position method book as part of enrollment in the seminar.

What Topics are Covered?