Fall 2021 Lecture Masterclass Topics

Navigating a Rut:

 - Everyone goes through difficulty at some point. In this class, we'll learn valuable skills and insightful methods to get you through the mentally tough periods in your playing and back towards enjoyment


 - In this class we'll talk about the scientifically proven importance of time away from your instrument and how it can lead to faster, more effective results in the practice room

Peak Performance:

 - Learn insightful skills and methods to preparing to perform at your best in auditions, recitals, concerts, or any other performance 

Fall 2021 Performance Masterclass Topics

Core and Efficiency:

 - A class devoted to the importance of core, support, and efficiency. Group playing involved.


 - A group class with exercises for Upper and Lower range development and solidification.


 - Rooted in soft playing, this group class is designed to maximize control over the instrument and keep you relaxed while you play.